Murph Sees His First Double Rainbow!


“It’s beautiful! I don’t know what I am seeing. Okay…bored.”


20190818_203120(1)I suppose this is a double rainbow, but 1/4 of it.


What a neat place we all live on!vmcvZHLB2ZOot3jVu0bYldPbo4t9zkFkzt91eASeXqqRHGK2DlKvNptwZO7tivqaunSOvq1IMgK_7hsgCiK7VguLoG4aIIWSmVApvjXDr99nBYOl35laFdQntXkAIpQpCdDZUs2mivmGrpHyijIu9TyJpTtNtWdpPr5hyS6DXKMdvvucnLvJWFuGv1n6cZjAPxXP8ff-I7CIPZQu7WQC


“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renee♥


  1. If he’s outside, he’s happy : ) I wonder about Murph’s eyesight, if he could see all the colors, or possibly more colors than is visible to us. I’ll post my research. : ) We could benefit from luck.

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  2. Perhaps I’m biased, but my Dragons have seemed to think on a different level than most (not all) others I have seen. Possibly, with contentment & all that observing of their surroundings, is born realizations, be that as it may, they have a communicable disadvantage. My lizards have taught me a different language, so to speak. I appreciate your seeing that in him through photos alone.

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