The Lizard And The Tower Climber

If you meet a tower climber, you may want to thank him or her for our cellular service, wi-fi, & more! My lizard knows one and thanks him often, not for what he does, but for who he is!

Lil’ Murph gets excited when the tower climber comes to visit!

“Oh boy, oh boy, yay!!”

So here’s Murph waiting to see him…mde…and waiting



This is a day in the life of a tower climber:

This video doesn’t exist

It’s that windy up there on a seemingly calm day!


1017160_665670146809222_958643487_nApparently, the lizard’s tower climber has always had crazy upper body strength!

The moment Murph’s been waiting for…


…and he couldn’t keep his little eyes open!


they love their people!


“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – ♥ Dawn Renee



  1. When my dad was young, he had a job servicing 400 foot towers in Kansas. He didn’t have safety ropes in the 1940’s. He had to climb the towers and do the work holding on to the steal of the towers. He said there were buffalo in the fields around the towers and he had to outrun the buffalo between towers. Between climbing towers and outrunning buffalo, he was in really great shape when he was in his early 20s.

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  2. Oh man! I’m happy he survived. The metal had to be freezing, and he couldn’t wear too many layers for warmth, it would affect his grabbing abilities! What a life to have experiences with Buffalo like that! That is neat to know! Indeed, he had to be in optimal physical well-being! I’m so glad you shared that.

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  3. I also know Murphy’s Tower Climber; he is my grandson. He is an awesome young man and because of him I have an incredible amount of respect for Tower Climbers!

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  4. Thank you, so very much. That is my son, the tower climber. I wish him to be lower, safer, warmer. He deserves it. He is a hard worker. I cannot help but use the word proud in reference to him. He has always known the way of lizards. He understands them, appreciates who they are and has loved them as his equals : ). Yes, they do love us back. Do you have photos of your beloved iguana that we may see?

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