Avoid A Lizard 911

“Not my kind of weather!”

Being prepared for a bad scenario to the best of our abilities is not a dumb decision. Unexpected things happen, sometimes at the worst imaginable times.Unfortunately, people are often forced to react to the way others are reacting. If we’re not in a panic, yet others are, if our families are not prepared, we have to become as they who are desperately scrambling to get what was expected to always be available.

Can’t count on that or others forever

As the world turns, sometimes seemingly upside down, we wish we can apply the brakes. We want to say, “Everyone, everything, you’re going the wrong way. Go backwards a few rotations, but please don’t go upside down!”Within such times, let us not forget the family members that are among the ones that depend on us the most! I’m referring to our animals. They need us no matter what’s happening in the world the humans hath designed.

Many families buy some extra items along with their weekly groceries in case of anything.

Maybe they’ll get laid off, injured or snowed in. Maybe governments will declare, “You’re not going anywhere or else…” or maybe the zombie apocalypse is about to go down – who knows!

Maybe travel isn’t possible for a week or a month or longer! Maybe 3/4 of the population loses their flippin’ minds! Are we remembering to stock up for our animal children as well if situations aren’t good?

Love my baby

I think now is a good time for reptile owners, if they have not prepared already, to get backup bulbs and food for their darlings. Worst case scenario for their food, you can freeze, can, & dehydrate fruits & veggies and actually offer them baby food w/ calcium powder from a syringe. Put a drop on their lips, they’ll start licking.

Remember, their uvb bulbs need replaced every 6 months to a year because they lose output. Without it, lizards cannot properly metabolize even the most ideal diet with calcium, etc. and thus, many species WILL develop Metabolic Bone Disease. They also need uva/full spectrum lighting & proper heat (please don’t trust heat rocks).

“Did you get stuff for me too, Mommy?”

“Of course I did, Love.”

Our lizards’ necessities cost what they do, BUT, if you buy them here (within 24 hrs. of clicking on the item(s), a % of that purchase price comes to us and helps us, as we are an Amazon associate! The better we do, so will facilities & organizations that help them.

More on that here.

Below are bulb and diet options, because having the necessities, as well as back-ups may later save his or her life.

Remember screen/mesh slightly reduces the uvb a lizard receives.

To get more goodies for your lizard(s) or if you want a lizard pal but don’t know where to begin with needs, all the hardware you need & more is here. And you’ll learn why you need each item!

*Note: If any item’s photo states the image is not available, click anyway, it will take you there.

At this link: https://www.amazon.com/ask/questions/asin/B0006L10NY/ref=ask_mdp_dpmw_ql_hza?isAnswered=true I read the following, keep stuff like this in mind, but never take one source of info as entirely accurate: Question: Is this a 5.0 uvb buld or 10.0 uvb? Answer: The box says its “50 UVB Bulb”. But when you read more, the box says it provides 50 Microwatts. I called Zilla direct to their technical staff and found out that microwatts are what the sunlight is rated in. A 50 microwatt slim tube bulb like this gives off about 12-15% UVB radiation which is higher than the Reptisun 5.0 (gives off 5% UVB) and Reptisun 10.0 (10% UVB.) It is a stronger light overall but the UVB is spread along the full length of the bulb. The side panel reveals a diagram that shows the following:
If the animal is 4″ from the UVB light, then the UV intensity will be up to 100 microwatts, and the UV index will be 5% or greater. This exposure is too high
If the animal is 12″ from the UVB light, then the UV intensity will be up to 50 microwatts, and the UV index will be 2-5%, This can be okay but may also be too high.
If the animal is 18″ from the UVB light, then the UV intensity will be up to 25 microwatts, and the UV index will be less than (<) 2%. This can be too low.
If the animal is 24″ from the UVB light, then the UV intensity will be up to 5 microwatts, and the UV index will be at less than 1%. This can also be too low.

Ideally you want your animal to be within the 10-12 inch distance at its highest basking point. The basking area is on the warm side of the tank where your reptile will sun itself using a basking lamp which is not a UVB lamp. Basking lamps give off Light and Heat, not ultra violet radiation. UVB is necessary for reptiles that are awake in the day like bearded dragons. Placement of the UVB light is important because you want to be sure the animal gets the sunlight it needs without causing harm. IF you have a soft fine mesh screen on your tank, it will block much of the UV radiation. If you have a metal heavy grid screen (1/8″ grid sized hole openings), it will block less. Note that the plastic cover blocks 20% of the UV radiation. So take all these things into consideration when placing the slimline UVB light. I have a heavy mesh metal grid cover on my tank for my dragon. Therefore, I have removed the plastic cover that the light fixture came with. The light sits directly on top of the grid cover. The data I received above is directly from the tech support as he discussed the side panel diagram to me.

In my bearded dragon’s tank, the highest branch “perch” for my dragon is about 10″ away from the top of the tank cover. Therefore the lizard is getting anywhere from 2-3% of UVB at the HIGHEST basking area in his enclosure. The lowest point in his enclosure is 14″ which is about a 1.5-1.8% exposure on the UV index. The total height of the tank is about 17″ The enclosure has several different elevations (8, 10, 12, 14 inches – cool side is lowest level perch) of shade and sun areas to allow the reptile to pick and choose his best spots.

How are things going to be when a way more serious illness mysteriously or conveniently (a political possibility of distraction or economic manipulation, hypothetically stating, of course) is released onto our lands?

How terrible would it be to place our animals into the wilderness hoping they’ll stand a better chance of survival than if they remained with us? Think about that possibility.

How do you feel about obtaining a hybrid generator for your reptile’s lights, and the refrigerator, a c-pap or oxygen machine? It’s quite nice to save your food and the lives of your pets and loved ones!! In the event there is no electricity, this item can generate power from solar energy. THANK YOU, BEAUTIFUL SUN:

keep em’ safe.

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renee


  1. Well said. How the media and politicos sensationalize and politicize a deadly virus like covid-19 to scare and divide people in attempts to control them is downright evil.

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  2. Thank you, Tim. Also well said by you. Does anyone remember the flu that spread when Obama was president? More were infected, more dead… yet, somehow – way less panic!! Thanks again media puppets.

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  3. The H1N1 of 2009 was much more dangerous, but I think the difference is the partisan media and huge political divide that has developed in this country. Also, there may have been 10x more deaths than originally reported from H1N1, so there is good reason to take more precaution; however, it’s impossible to do so rationally with out of control media and politics, and so much bad information out there. You would think the information age would be useful, but so far it’s proven to mostly produce a bunch of shit, making people want to buy tonnes of toilet paper.

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  4. Yep, that’s the one! We would think the information age would be useful. It is to a point, until it devolves into the misinformation age. Fake speak is the in thing, perhaps. Real news is fake news & so on. “Silence! I deplatform you!” Is a popular response to unwanted speech and undesired info getting released. I am staying away from the elderly, however, just to play it safer, as with other sicknesses.

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  5. Good points in this post, Dawn.

    Good to see Murph will be well taken care of in these times.

    And it’s weird and surreal to see a virus become a partisan political issue.

    I think many people lost their minds years ago and this physical virus is also unleashing the severe mental derangement that remained latent in many politicians and media and individuals until this physical virus helped unleash their madness on to the world.

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  6. Thank you so much. I do not doubt truth in that. Have you seen footage of toilet paper fist fights? It’s all just wow. We can clean off in the shower or a creek, really. Think more people will grow their own gardens or toilet paper farms next year? What is it politicians think? Is it “Let no disaster go to waste.”? You nailed it, latent madness

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  7. Coincidentally our pet shop had a reptile week and gave us a lot of full sized dehydrated food and veggies packs for free. So when the lockdown happened, we had dehydrated meal worms and crickets handy just in case too….

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  8. That is really cool! Especially neat they have a long shelf life incase the stores run out of food again! Murph & our beloved Copper are/were picky eaters … (insisting on being hand-fed)! I must be doing something wrong, or spoiling them beyond normality. Life is simpler when your dragon eats the food you set before it!! Congratulations – tee-hee

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  9. Infections would be there as long as humans live. Today this infection is called Covid-19 tomorrow more virulent than one haunting the entire humanity would be by other name, Therefore, we should not forsake the will to live and be unreasonable. Your write-up is really on-dot.

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  10. Yes, there are certainly other terrible things in labs acrossed the globe. Whether our natural antibodies will fight sicknesses or not, I wish the governments’, scientists, or whoever’s greed will dissipate & that people will stop playing with bioweaponry.
    Thank you for coming to visit Murph & me & for the comment. We wish you well, to you & your family.

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