Are You Indecisive About Where You Want To Be?

“Do I want the Hammock, the basking spot, or both?”
Lil’ Murph, did you find a middle path?
The dangling leg of cuteness

And I did this today … nah, I’m not a fan of “Hello Kitty”, but, I have a girly raccoon. I don’t often succumb to this sort of behavior, but it was on clearance for 1/4 the price. It has a ruffle and I justified it to myself, k. …

Gypsy, my girly girl
Gypsy has a dress! Look at her fuzzy butt!

I patted her butt. She got a few cookies & nose kisses for cooperation.

Can you blame me, really?! She kept it on for 10 minutes. I later found it rejected behind the loveseat in her room, but oh, it was a squealful 10 minutes on my end!! I saw a Halloween one-piece jammy outfit with a patch on the butt, but realized I couldn’t get all 4 of her limbs inside without losing all flesh upon my forearms. This was the safe route. I have enough battle wounds and my time is worth something. The dress was easy cuteness!

Murph is different! He is aware of petty human behavior. I shall tread lightly when considering his wardrobe. Though, he is perfect as he is, I am still a victim of my girliness and want to put booties on him or some sh***!!

Sorry Murph!

“Say what, now?!!”

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renée


  1. These acts look small…but leave so much happiness behind…Gypsy certainly looks cute…and Murph is handsome as ever..
    God bless you 🙏🌹🙏

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  2. I’m happy you enjoyed seeing them. I take photos more than is normal, I think – it doesn’t help that our Murph is so da** photogenic. I sift through pics often as I ponder what would cause everyone else to smile. Thank you for hanging out here & typing at me : )
    I certainly indulged in my newly acquired raccoon dressing fantasy.
    Murph & I are happy to follow you.
    By the way, I think the Amber colored lights at night where you live make everything look so cozy & wicked pretty.

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  3. There are coyotes here, but, the population must not be as great. There have been packs around the house, though. Gypsy is an orphan. Our neighbor saw her tiny body in the yard. She was cold, lonely, dehydrated, & not scared of humans. I tried to find kind wildlife rehabilitators, but none could accept another animal. They deserve donations & need more people to care for the animals. It’s legal to have a coon in my state, but difficult to get vet care without being licensed, which doesn’t seem quite right. I have a friend who drove far to bring to me dewormer & said she could arrange Gypsy’s shots if I choose to get them. She has her own room due to her size and need for climbing & play. She’s lived with us more than 4 months now. She is like a fuzzy toddler & either behaves like a demon or an angel.
    : )

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