Sitting With My Lizard

I have to travel this weekend. Murph is not going to like that. I will miss him. He has sitters that will treat him well.

Murph likes our new fairy chair, so we were just sitting here while I take a break from chores and packing.

It appears Murph is formulating other plans now.


But then, Murph saw a Hawk fly overhead. I was standing, rather than sitting beside him, otherwise he would have scurried under my legs. He instead, crouched with an eye to the sky. When Murph sees the big birds, he does not put up a fight when I pick him up.

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renée


  1. Nice picture Dawn…yes all animals have that natural instinct ..they understand the threats and know how to be safe..
    Stay blessed 🙏😇


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