Samhain Celebration

“Okay, we’re doing this now.”
“Mom, are you finished?”
“I am such a good sport in all this.”
“I’m becoming over this.”
“I might love my lamby more than you at this moment.”

Such the sweet and patient boy, Murph really kept his spirits up!

Samhain, what is it, how did it become Halloween for so many people? The answer is uncovered alright at the link below.:

It’s not so crazy.

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renée


  1. He is a trooper. He was ready for bed. I tried to post a short video of his exhaustion post photo shoot. It was so cute and pitiful. He couldn’t keep his little eyes open any longer, but it wouldn’t load. Our Murph is alright, friend. It gets worse, poor baby had an eye open at 3 a.m. bc I ran into things and didn’t tuck him into bed with his cuddles and blankie! 🥺 He slept in today.


  2. 😃He should. I tell him how beautiful he is every day! I should maybe start reading our friends’ comments about his gorgeousness to him, for further convincing. But, he’s kind of a humble guy. Tee-hee

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  3. This was really nice!!! Gave me a refreshing new scene in my ordinary routine life..Murph really enjoyed this it’s clearly apparent!!😆

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  4. Thank you, ol’ friend. Happy that you enjoyed it. Murph is gorgeous as ever. Your posts haven’t shown in the feed for quite some time, until it recently did. Good to see you again. The new website is great and well-named. You probably realized we subscribed.

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