Happy Halloween Die Hard Fans

The gentleman that created this amazing show did it (in good part) for his neighborhood!! What a rockin’ neighbor to have!

“Rock on, I’m out.”

Holy man, there are back-up jack o’ lanterns in this shortened version)! Ahaahaa.

“Metallica themselves gave his efforts their nod of approval, linking the eight-minute video on Twitter with a pumpkin emoji.”

Check out the article here: https://www.loudersound.com/news/this-metallica-x-stranger-things-light-show-has-just-ruined-halloween-decorations-for-everyone-everywhere

A witch and a sweetest Familiar

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renée


  1. Haven’t shown him yet. He was a sleepy one tonight when I got home. I was an attendee at a costume event where country music was blaring – at least the 1st 7 or so songs (yikes). For a mental break, I needed to share this cool show. Murph often watches videos with me. Last thing I did was aquire the photos. Planned on displaying his media appreciation (or lack of) in the future, but you caught up too soon. I’ll share more with him and show ya. The only thing (with few exceptions) that appeal to Dragons, is acoustic guitar played with heart in song. Interesting, it seems to me.

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  2. Acoustic guitar? That is interesting. I wonder if he’d enjoying listening to the lute (there are lute music videos on YouTube) since the lute was developed in the same time period as the acoustic guitar.


  3. Hardly know what to say…Fantastic seems to fit the bill. WOW! What a light show. Your familiar, is, dare I say, adorable. I hope Murph feels MUCH better, and that the vet was nice. Hugs to sweet lizard boy. 🙂 Happy Halloween.


  4. Isn’t that great!? He may be a Master Of… time and storage space!
    Oh please, dare say! 😁
    Murph just got his hug from you. He feels fine, I just can’t neglect what we’re seeing. His appt is the 8th. I’ll let you know. Happy Halloween to you and family, friend.


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