Characteristics of a Friend:

2018-06-21_08-46-23One whom makes you smile with zero to minimal effort.

2018-06-15_08-35-19One whom, through your unique tie, inherently possesses the ability of evoking in you a need to experience their essence. You appreciate the light in their eyes.

20170921_151010One whom clearly enjoys time with you indoors or out, on adventure or at ease. They want to be with you every time you want to be with him or her.

20180421_114230One whom not only accepts you for all that you are, and judges you not for your quirks, but may need you in their life more because they are yours.

20180430_220006One whom gives you the hug you need, as long as you need it, all the while realizing they needed it too.

20180418_120819 One with whom there is no doubt your connection is mutually felt. Time and circumstance will not destroy this beautiful and invisible bond revealed only by care-taking, cuddles and smiles.

There are no universal rules as to whom or what can be friends, if there were …..well, I’ve always had a rebellious streak anyway.

Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – ♥Dawn Renee


  1. He cuddles mostly any time. My Beardies know love. I think that’s what feels best to them because he’ll snuggle even after basking in his lights or sunning with me. And always we cuddle after he wakes & before bed. In that way they’re exactly like our human babies.

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  2. How precious! I think I told you my daughter learned nothing in her science class because they had a Murph too and the teacher let my daughter hold him through the 90 minute class and every day it was alll about their time together. She loved him so much. One day she will have one I am sure. I love to hear other stories of how much they love

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  3. Aww, i don’t recall. If u told me I’m going to blame my blown brainular fuse on years of fast-paced multitasking 🙂 Im glad she loves the Murph’s of the world.

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  4. Oh My God!!! You’re one hell of a lizard lover!!! Those pics are so cute!!! At least from now on I can dare not to be scared of lizards 🙂
    And about the characteristics of a friend, all your points are perfect and genuine.

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  5. Haha, indeed, I am! I am glad you may no longer be frightened by lizards – I’m on a mission to convert the masses to love lizards too! : ) They make great friends & there’s no fur or fleas! Thank you for liking! Hope all is well

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