Why Mom, why?!

20180717_175530(Eeek…look at his toes!)

This is one of a few special occasions of the calendar of which I will participate in some fashion. Lil’ Murph prefers I not do this, but he was a trooper! I felt bad but the cuteness had a powerful strangle hold on me, and nearly him. I gave him extra special baby talk & treatment when his photo shoots were complete. 20180717_17545520180717_17562520180717_182255Forgiven!!! He was clingy to me all night. Aww

If you’re wondering, I measured Murph a couple months ago. He is a beautiful 19 inches. I need to measure him again. He is probably his adult size. I will update you 🙂

I hope our American friends had a lovely day of country appreciation on July 4th. There are other important dates that played a vital role for America that could be celebrated, but that would take much time to write of. I hope our non-American friends had a lovely day in their beautiful countries. I couldn’t type sooner to wish all our kind wordpress friends well.

      I was watching old episodes of “Cheers.” In a scene that was fleeting was shown the Old North Church. This made for an interest in revisiting American history. I know the celebration of Independence has passed, but I am not always a conformist. It is my belief, anyone should celebrate what they wish and when, say and do as they please so long as they do not infringe upon the universal rights of others or hurt others mentally (I am not referring to simply offending someone – those folks need to desensitize themselves a few notches), I mean try not to hurt someone’s heart) or injure another (human or not) physically.

     This post veers a tad off course concerning lizard companionship, but comes back in that if I’d not been born in this fabulous country, I would not be fortunate to know the soul that is Lil’ Murph’s. On winter days he may benefit from being from where his ancestors come in Australia, but he does not want a day without me! He made this evident when he suffered depression that even affected his eating & pooing habits when I left the country for nearly 2 weeks in April (a bit on that here at “I renounce my title!!!”).

20180711_214555Murph is watching fireworks in a wide-eyed way!

20180711_213759Murph is watching fireworks in a not so wide-eyed way!

20180711_214549He is fighting sleep, but his interest is renewed because those people lit another spectacular display! Boy, if only I could tell him the real reason fireworks are part of the celebration!

“Give me Liberty or give me Death” – Patrick Henry   St. John’s Church, Richmond, Virginia
March 23, 1775.

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death” – Dawn Renee    Lizardplanet.com


  1. Thanks Bethany! Our poor Murph of cuteness, I forced it on him. There was no liberty and the pursuit of happiness for him for a few minutes.


  2. Pleasant Sunday afternoon to you. Glad all is well enough with you & you are welcome. I could be better, or worse. Considering the state of many, I needn’t complain. I have my health, some good humans in my life, new WordPress friends 😉 and Lil’ Murph! This is plenty to smile about!

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