Morphology: The physical characteristics, structure, or form of an organism. Examples include how long the tail is, are they fat or skinny, do they have overlapping scales, do they have big or little scales.


(a glossary of words and terms)

Murphology: Lil’ Murph is nearly 20″ long and 4″ wide, his tale is 10 3/4″ of stated length. His bloodline may consist of German giant morph and possibly a Sandfire ancestor a couple generations ago, or a very yellow family member. He is mostly brown, but you can see in some photos a considerable amount of gold. Murph’s irises are gold, often appearing brownish/red. His scales overlap (don’t they all?) and are perfectly sized everywhere, also he is perfectly plump!

20180830_161302Lil’ Murph’s alright. He’s just relaxed by the cuddle from which I just lowered him.  UPDATE:  Yes, Murph is still eating only smoothies by syringe and occasionally cooked chicken (plain in water and a little olive oil).  No, I haven’t fixed this, I am not ‘The Lizard Whisperer’!  He’s been like this since I left the country for a couple of weeks. It is now his preferred method of food-intake. I must make delicious smoothies! I try, I set before him a medley of produce and snacks. He will not eat until I baby him with hand-feeding. Some folks may suggest to keep leaving fresh food available. If he’s hungry enough he’ll eat it. No, no he won’t!! I have done this. Knowing he’s hungry and will eat his smoothie, I eventually just give him what he wants because he refuses to eat like a normal lizard, all self-sufficient-like. I cannot find an expert on this predicament of mine. Murph reached his adult size. He is 2-ish years aged. I hope we enjoy one another for many more years even if I must hand-feed him 2 to 3 times daily. 20180911_105741

I have however, found experts on everything else. Enough to make me feel stupid. But, it’s okay. I may not be all-knowing, but I am capable of keeping lizards alive and loved, happy and ridiculously pampered. One knowledge-infused book is simply titled: “The Bearded Dragon Manual”.  Herein one will learn the variants of colors and sizes in breeding are called ‘Morphs’.  Also, in selective breeding, to achieve red, orange, or yellow saturation in Beardies’ colorations is hyperxanthic. Then, there is the knowledge contained within that typical Dragon owners need to know as well.

Here is a link if you’re interested in learning more about these beauties.:

In the top photo of Murph, you will see little spots on his thighs. Here is info on what they are:


20181124_184758Sometimes Murph enters his hide and pouts on his stuffed Chameleon.

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renee♥




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