This Is So Murphed Up

20181201_153250“Oh yes she did, the Mommy person has placed a bell under my chin poof to hear me jingle…. I jingle now! I overheard something about a stylish, removable collar now that she knows the bell sounds (with my now auditory) strut! Now, crossing the floors below human ankle height, one can hear the adorable sounds of ‘pitter-patter, jingle, patter, jingle, slide, slide, pitter-pat, jingle! Apparently, I also look great in green light. That’s great! What’s next!?!”

s-l640  “NO. No Mom, don’t do it!”

20181201_183818“This is a great wall color Mom… for an Irish pub. It doesn’t take an Einstein to deduce the fact that you have re-painted so many times, that we’re losing square footage. I need space… you need space. Paint fumes Mom, paint fumes!”

20181028_105140“Aww, I’m happy sitting on the power strip, why are you making me get off?”

20181017_121713“I am so Murphin’ cute!”

20181028_102456“Murphin’ sleepy…this old house is chilly, please re-lower the heating pad. Please.”

20181016_184237“That helped. I feel rested. I feel content. I am feeling just Murphy!”

20181012_110614“Words are not necessary here.”

20181016_191313“Irk, not in the mood…. let me down, need to walk and explore …and possible find that power strip!”

20181201_153212“Ah, come on!?”

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renee♥


*That is not Lil’ Murph in the battle jacket harness, I saw that on ebay.

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