This Is So Murphed Up


Lil’ Murph:   “Oh yes, she did!  The Mommy person has placed a bell under my chin poof to hear me jingle…

I jingle now! I overheard something about a stylish, removable collar now that she knows the bell sounds well with my new auditory strut!”

“Now, crossing the floors below human ankle height, one can hear my adorable sounds of ‘pitter-patter, jingle, patter, jingle, slide, slide, pitter-pat, tap, jingle! That’s great! What’s next!?!”  …   

s-l640  “NO. No Mom, don’t do it! Do not put that on me!!”

20181201_183818“This is a great wall color Mom … for an Irish pub. This color should never be on walls in a home.  It doesn’t take an Einstein to deduce the fact that you have re-painted so many times, that we are losing square footage. I need space… you need space. Paint fumes Mom, paint fumes!”

20181028_105140“Aww, I’m happy sitting on the power strip, why are you about to move me?”

20181017_121713“I am so Murphin’ cute!”

20181028_102456“Murphin’ sleepy…this old house is chilly, please lower the heating pad onto me again. Please.”

20181016_184237“That helped. I feel rested. I feel content. I am feeling just Murphy!”

20181012_110614“Words are not necessary here.”

20181016_191313“Irk, not in the mood…. let me down, need to walk and explore …and possibly locate that power strip!”

20181201_153212“Ah, come on!?”

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renee♥
*That is not Lil’ Murph in the battle jacket harness, I saw that on ebay.

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