Lil’ Murph And I Thank You!


Thank you,  petrel41 at

for nominating

The link directly above shows more nominees for a thoughtful thing.

20190104_181434“Oh, Murph….”                “What’s up, Mom?”


“We’ve been nominated for an award!”


20190104_180908.jpg“You don’t say?!”


20190104_180813.jpg“I do, come here to see!”


Okay, I’ll play. Here are the questions for the nominees and the answers from here at Lizardplanet:

1. Which film did you see, but wish in retrospect you had not bothered to see?   Off the top of my head, ‘Titanic”. Not because of poor acting or that it was a bad idea for a movie, but I don’t watch much television and it was drama over-load for me.

2. Which book haven’t you read yet, but would like to read?  There are many, I don’t read a lot of fiction, biographies or auto-biographies, but just maybe Mohandas Gandhi’s “The Story of My Experiments with Truth” would be an interesting read.

3. If you would be invited to make a space journey, then to which solar system planet would you like to go?  Jupiter, with some serious survival gear and protection, we don’t know who or what hangs out there!

4. To which country where you have not been yet would you like to go?  Ouch, I like castles and so much more, but Lil’ Murph and I prefer to be warm. After seeing photos, Murph seems to agree that perhaps it is the Bearded Dragon’s place of origin, Australia.

5. Who is your least favourite politician?  I don’t like fakery. I despise embellished speeches with a lot of ‘feel-good’ phrases that actually mean nothing. I’ll be brave and answer this. Although I have ill feelings towards many politicians and control freaks around the globe, from the U.S., I’ll pick Hillary Clinton, although I respect her determination, as one politician of many, in all parties, that embody fakery. Just an opinion, folks.

6. If you could go back in history, to which person would you like to talk?  Whew, I am limited to one person here, Mme Blavatsky.

7. If WordPress would stop, would you continue to blog elsewhere?  Yes. I have a goal to help our little lizard friends, I couldn’t do this without Murph and all the support from our readers and followers! Besides, I can’t keep Murph from his fans now!!


20190211_085204“Thank you everyone, for following, liking and commenting!”

Murph and I may get disqualified 🙂 for opting out of this next phase of the nominee participation process of creating questions and selecting more nominees. Our followers are so varied in talent, interesting content, and personality that we can’t choose just one, or even ten. It was an honor to be mentioned!!!20190209_192944You are valuable to us!

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renee♥




  1. Thanks Courtney! He’s pretty great! I think you & he would be good friends too. : ) There’s one family member Murph doesn’t like, he only tolerates being held by him. His body language says it all. Haha


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