Two Years Together…

Lil’ Murph was a skinny and lonely baby before he came to live with me. I cared for him when I visited his place of residency. He is looking out the window for the first time and I got him to drink water.

Lil’ Murph’s new home…

He is liking his new home and all the attention, but is curious about the surroundings.

20170623_203743.jpgLil’ Murph is not as little, he is getting plump from variety in his diet.

20170714_123458[1]We are becoming close friends.

20170818_2213211.jpgNow, we do not want to be separated!


April 23, 2017 is when I brought Murph home. Yesterday we spent the day and night together. We took care of business around town and sat outdoors. Here, is captured some of our day!

Murph got a little stressed so he wanted to be held. Mommy’s lap and his orange pillow gave him a sense of security. I felt bad. He’s been liking longer bye-byes. I had to take someone a few places, and that was too much bye-bye for Murph.

“But, oh yeah, Mommy has a sun roof! I love the sun roof!!!!”

It was a busy & exciting day! Murph is all tuckered out! He got kisses and I told him how special he was to me. His eyes were closed, but he knew what I was conveying to him ( he sort of sees with his ears, you hear me? : ).

We love you Murph!


“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renee♥














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