My Lizard Is My Dashboard Driver

My Lizard Companion, before Murph, was Copper. Places you may go to see Copper is here: “Mom Never Met Lil’ Murph” as well as in the Gallery and sprinkled about within our Archives.


Copper loved long road trips. Have you ever watched a lizard in motion attempting to keep his or her head fixated on a single, inanimate object?! It’s hilarious! I held her up to the side window when I was a passenger, not the driver. I’d bring a small purse on our bye-byes to visit family.

It was like a diaper bag, really. It contained blankies, food, her teddy & sometimes rubbing alcohol & a towel (if she did a poo I could sterilize the area & bathe her in the tub – my lizards are always clean)! So, that was a piece of life I wouldn’t have anticipated beforehand. It was an interesting experience for others too. Let’s keep things in life amusing, shall we?!

dav Lil’ Murph loves adventure, but not at high speeds. I’ve only taken him on short trips & not on the highway. He’s excited to get in the car. He’s excited when we open the sun roof. He’s excited for about the first minute of the trip. Then, I see he is stressed & no longer excited.

After taking him on a ride 10 times or so, I realize he would, if he could, say, “Stop! Stop the car! I need a break!” and “Take that turn even slower than you are now!” and yet another, “Mom, I promise I won’t fly out the side windows… I’d like those to be rolled down as well!”

I spy with my little eye…
Ooh, what’s that?

10 trips has concreted the realization that it’s not a matter of getting accustomed to trips & beginning to enjoy them… he won’t like road trips, it’s just not his thing! I’m okay with that anyway, because as I get older & more protective, I’d prefer a padded passenger-side child restraint – – – but for lizards! There’s gotta be a market for this!

Okay, I may be over this now!

Calm down, I thought you'd be happy about the bye-bye

If anyone takes their reptile(s) on a trip, they must be treated like our children. Keep them safe. If they are stressed, get them home as soon as possible. They have personalities, some simply don’t want that type of excitement. Even the slightest bump of a car accident or the slamming on of brakes can send your friend flying through the car & cause injury. As I’ve learned recently, although it’s super cute to see them in your vehicle & looking all around, it’s just not worth the possibility!

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renee♥


  1. Wonderful that you know the likes and dislikes of your lizard companions of past and present, Dawn Renee. I find these photos and the road trips with a lizard fascinating. Love the first steering wheel photo, Murph looks ready to adventure.

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  2. Thanks! You know, he was superbly hyped up, ready to take the wheel… eventually he was like “Whoah, wait… I’m not in control at all, can you just dress me in my harness so I can walk in the yard at my own pace?!”

    Liked by 1 person

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