Do We Choose Our Animals Or Do They Choose Us?


I can’t speak for those horrible scenarios when animals are abused or abandoned by their care-takers. Those individuals responsible for such atrocities either lack love, knowledge, or don’t have a lick of sense in their brains. Maybe someone already beat them stupid. If abandonment is chosen due to a financial problem, I’m going to stick that in the knowledge category, because perhaps a solution hasn’t been discovered.

Some times, in the happy stories, it seems we, by some unexpected turn of events, end up with an animal, and as it turns out, we want them with us forever.

It may be that we, the animals, or both, directly or indirectly choose our own destiny, perhaps there is karma, maybe some amount of fate is in play, or it’s all by chance, luck, or lack of. Possibly all exist simultaneously & for every living being that’s in this experience together.

Sometimes we meet an animal and a deep love grows over some time, or we mysteriously bond with them instantly (similarly to encounters with humans).

We think, there’s something extra special or beautiful in that one. It may be that we were the first humans with whom they have met & felt that same connection & with equal or even greater strength. Certainly it’s possible!

Our blog friend Sathark gave one great example of this in a comment he left here about a dog he met along his travels.

I am now going to tell you about a special pigeon. Thirty-ish years ago, my Mom walked to a store. On her way home, she encountered a boy spraying something onto a pigeon trapped inside a box.

Mom took the box with the bird inside and brought it home. Well …. this sweet bird decided to love my Dad and hate my Mom. I was a neutral, non-essential. She had no particular opinion for me.

It was a hilarious experience to know her because when my Mom entered the kitchen, this plump beauty paced back and forth and back and forth, griping. I’m not kidding when I state (and imagine this for a few seconds), in a bird-chirp style, a bird saying, “f**kin’ bit**” “f**kin’ bit**” ! That is how it sounded!

Now, put this on a loop and imagine a pigeon saying this with every step in her strut as she paced a 3 foot long span!!

The relationship it had with my father was also a sight to behold! This pigeon (I named Brandy Lynn, & to this day, I’ve no idea why), had an affinity for dear Dad. So much so, that Dad made a nest in a box on a metal wardrobe by his bed’s side (that thing has been a part of the house, and still is, since I can remember, it still has a United States Marines, and a still popular, classic rock radio station sticker on it’s side, of which Dad didn’t place upon it. Wardrobes or cabinets such as these are not made of metal any more).

When Brandy awakened, she would flutter down to Dad, crawl under his hand and make a purring sound for love!

At least, my Mom had 2 Robins that loved her deeply, and they didn’t feel that way to anyone else. Maybe I received a few kisses (softest, repeated pecks upon the lips) over the years by each. They kissed her repeatedly every day, and were elated at the sound of her voice. They’d step onto fingers and perch there if someone raised their fingers gently up onto their bellies in front of their legs. It was cute.

Anyway, I didn’t know how many types of pigeons there are, or that the one my family loved was a called a Rock Pigeon, until I visited our friend, Jet. The link below is very informative about the birds and it even contains links to hear their beautiful voices!

I’ve met some animals that seemed to have survived on love alone until receiving needed medical attention. Copper was one of them (Please see the last post to know her). Whatever happened to animals such as these in this life, or their previous one(s) (if that’s how it is), which made them to desperately need a deep love, who will know?

I believe, in regards to some animals my family or I have loved within my lifetime, that we needed one another. It was not one-sided. My Bearded Dragons are just two of all those special beings. Sometimes, I didn’t live up to what those animal companions deserved. I never want to be that side of me again. I could share many tales of truth, some are of my personal witnessing, regarding animals and humans needing one another, but that could make a book with more reading material than this post.


So, who has a monopoly on the truth? Do we live once and die? Is it possible we live countless lives (to achieve a level of existence I will not elaborate upon here, based on what I’ve read)? If so, why would that apply to only one type of species – humans? Perhaps, some times things come together for the benefit of or learning for a soul, no matter the being, be it a lizard, bird, dog or a human … yes, i believe they all have souls, what happens when we all slip into the deep sleep? I wouldn’t be surprised if bugs and trees have souls as well, does anyone claim they do not, if so, how do they know? Who is to say otherwise, who knows the truth?

Do we choose,

Do others,

Does something else,

Do we all have the luck (or unluck) of the draw in a serious game of life and everything is by chance,

Or all of the above?

Lil’ Murph

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renée


  1. Beautiful narrative as always Renee…your love for animals is so deep rooted…I agree all pets have a way of expressing…they have emotions…likes and dislikes…
    God bless you 🙏🙏


  2. Thank you for the kindness you always give. When I tap onto your name or little gravatar bubble, the screen states the author has deleted that page. Is this correct?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. No..the page is very much there…I will check and set the problem if there are any…
    God bless you 🙏..
    May be it is because I changed the name to inspire
    You can still try also


  4. Fantastic post, Dawn Renee, including your fun quote. I enjoyed the pigeon story so much, and was flattered for the reference and re-blog. Many thanks.


  5. Not many people know the inspiration behind the quote. The pleasure was mine to reference your site. I certainly hope our friends here will visit there
    because the photos are great! I see a creature I’ve not seen before, nearly every time I go there, and I learn something every time.

    For you comment readers out there, listen to the audio of those pigeons found at the link above, see if you hear a particular sound they share, as I did. If you can describe it, please get back with me along with your descriptive abilities!
    (: – )
    Thanks, Jet. Did you know pigeons could be such particular characters?!


  6. My daughter was a a party in Wisconsin and a cat walked out of the woods and sat on her lap and then on my granddaughter’s lap ALL day. They brought her home and that was that. She’s a fabulous cat who found a family she was waiting for and adopted them. LOL Emily came into my yard 8 years ago and stayed. She won’t come in my house but I go out and play with her everyday. She has heated beds in the winter (and a heated water dish) , a two-room dog house and other beds tucked here and there for her pleasure. She’s fed three times a day and protected from the weather. We are crazy about each other and I’m so glad she found me. I have so many stories like that. If souls exist, and we don’t know if they do, then everything and everyone has one. Hugs to Murph and lizards rock.

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  7. That is so awesome, and how strange!!! She said to herself, “Ooh … there’s the people I’ve been waiting for!!” Wow, Emily is so so lucky to have you, I suppose you feel likewise! That is the best outdoor life I’ve ever heard of!! I knew someone that had a bed and heating pad for each stray cat in the garage, yet they had no heated dishes or much attention. Thank you for sharing these, it makes me smile to know of these kinds of encounters & relationships. Yep, yep, lizards do rock!!!

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