Cute Arm Pits

Is that a thing? Oh yes, yes it is … and very much so on lizards! Let’s take a look at a prime example. Here are Lil’ Murph’s pitty arms – you read that correctly. He has cute wittle pitty arms.

Lil’ Murph

You know how people speak to their animals. He also has wippies & toofers instead of lips & teeth … because they’re just that adorable. Don’t judge. I’m the one that lives with being overheard by others when I sound that way. We’ve all accepted this about me.

Cute arm pits

See …. Cute stuff. Here’s a couple more for your enjoyment and mine:


Just look at it!!! Each one!!! Go ahead and zoom in!!!

There’s a lot of people, I can’t be the only one to enjoy such a little thing in life. – 2 wittle things. : )

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn RenΓ©e


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