Does Your Pet Stop You From Punching Stupid People?

Yeah, maybe that happens!! There is idiocy and there are crazies out there. There is often something that stops us from instant justice, maybe it’s responsibilities to stay safe for our pets, family, to keep our jobs … a big reason is unfair jail time – when everyone, including the cops, know that in a fair world, there are times a person may (or may not) learn a valuable lesson in life etiquette by someone having a fair right to show another, “Hey, I’m about to teach you how not to treat people!”

Let’s have a moment of silence to thank our pets & animals everywhere for calming us and making us smile into our souls.



Among the joys in life are great sorrows, I’ve had many of both, but also, there are those moments, or whole days riddled with the most stupid little things.

Is it just me, or am I the only one who has pondered the possibility that a higher being has spit forth these antics to test resolve and patience?

Some examples:

  • Have you ever glimpsed into your creamy coffee or light-colored beverage & thought a bug was enjoying it too … only to discover it was that floaty skimming across your eyeball? It’s done this to you a good number of times over the years.
  • In fact, maybe you too practiced controlling it while bored in a class at school. Maybe you’ve gone so far as to give yours a name like Pennywise, Perceval or Frank The Floaty. Maybe you have a few and they’ve all been named. You don’t share that information with just anyone!
  • Have you ever plugged an electrical something into the wall, or a usb charger into a device, to find that you must turn it 180° to the proper insertion position?
  • – And you are the only person you know that gets it wrong on the first try 95% of the time?
  • Have you ever needed to quickly toss on the the clothes, or simply the shirt you left out from the night before, only to put it on incorrectly? There’s a 25% chance it will go on correctly with the speed you need.
  • There’s a 50% chance it won’t be inside out. If you removed the shirt in a way that it won’t be inside out, there remains a 50% chance it will go on correctly in a rush. These seem good odds when gambling, so why is the game not won with the shirt … ever?
  • And, have you ever spent 2 entire minutes of your life climbing over furniture with a glass and postcard trying to capture an insect to release to the outside?
  • Maybe you carry on a conversation with it, telling it you’re not going to hurt it, maybe you end up calling it a dick for not cooperating, but you remind it you’re it’s friend. Ultimately, you get out-witted in both speed and planning (that cunning little &$#@!), and who’s left feeling stupid? You, definitely you.
  • Have you ever had the “dropsies”? Many people use this word to describe a condition of seemingly malfunctioning fingers for a certain length of time. Maybe they’ve dropped 5 of the 20 items they’ve picked up within a 5 hour span of time.
  • Oh, man, sometimes when I experience such a stupidity, I go all out!! Have you ever had the “dropsies” just the whole live long day, to the point where you say to yourself, “If I drop one more thing, just one more thing, I’m done for the day, I’m going to lie down and read a d*** book – and I better not drop it and spill my bedside water, or – or – knock my book into the water”?

Well, welcome to my world. It ain’t easy here 🙂

I saw this at

When I’ve hit my peak of a tolerance break-down, I turn to Lil’ Murph these days, my little lizard friend, my silent intellectual boy, my sweet, innocent, intelligent, cute, peaceful and comical companion!

Murph is inspiring. He seems to call me to sit with him, and just be, and relax.

He helps to keep me sweet (ish)!

If you wish to rescue or adopt a lizard that needs a loving home, feel free to visit the contact page or leave a comment. We will help you meet your soul lizard in any way that we can and answer any care-taking questions.

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renée


  1. Pets do have a calming effect on the owner….I have two lovely dogs…and what expressions they give…you can’t help just hugging them forgetting whatever was occupying the mind…
    Specially in this period of lockddown…
    God bless you 🙏🌹🙏

    Liked by 1 person

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