Why Do We ‘Follow’ On Social Media?

… And how does that apply to lizards? Hang tight for that one.

The reasons I can think of regarding why a person ‘Follows’ another:

· There is genuine interest in the subject(s) discussed.

· The approach or writing skill of another is admired & serves as inspiration for the follower to improve upon their own writing technique.

· The variety is appreciated.

· Perhaps the strict adhering to a specific subject is appreciated.

· The logic, wit, humor, conveyed emotions, or personality is enjoyed.

· The pictures or videos shared are cute, informative, or beautiful.

· The posts regularly contain information considered to be valuable knowledge.

· The statements or views contained within posts are agreed upon & the camaraderie built from like-minded individuals is beneficial in some way.

· The statements or assumed views within posts are not agreed upon & the follower either:

A: wants to know what others are thinking.

B: is a rabble rouser.

Or C: feels strongly about altering the belief mechanisms of another (right or wrong).

· Whether believing or not in the same religion, or political stand point, one feels that the person they are following has a well-meaning heart for others, & setting ego aside, has good intentions, and so are found worthy to ‘Follow’.

· Some ‘Follow’ for the sake of following, and maybe in turn they will rack up more followers.

The latter does not apply here. If you are part of mine & Lil’ Murph’s followed group, it is for a reason. It could be any 1 of the reasons above, except the last. It may be a guessing game why others follow us, do you know which reason you follow others? Maybe they just have a wonderful mascot of sorts:) :

Murph’s natural handsomeness is a magnet for friends & followers!

Thank you, all!

Visit lizardplanet.com for more.

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death! -Dawn Renée


  1. Good to see you Renee..
    I only follow after at least a couple of articles by someone have made sense..something just clicks…sort of genuineness is there…subjects normally do not matter..I read anything ..just avoiding maybe certain writeups on religion….
    Stay blessed 🙏😇🌹

    Liked by 1 person

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