The Phases Of A Bearded Dragon’s Life (& some diet tips)

These changes I am about to share with you may very well apply to many species of lizards. I’ve had different species of lizards, but that is a story for another time.

Who I know most about are our world’s beautiful Bearded Dragons!! I’ve been a Dragon Mommy to two different scaly angels for nearly 11 years now!!

They are fabulous creatures and wonderful companions! This is especially so if you do not like fur, fleas, or noise-makers.

Once you have what they need, have gotten yourself well educated regarding care & continue to supply the proper heat, diet & lighting, they are low maintenance. Just make sure to hold & love them everyday.

How do these lizards change over time?

Lil’ Murph

Bearded Dragons can be broken down into 4 age groups.  Hatchling is from 0-2 months, Juvenile is from 2 months to 7 months, Sub-Adult is from 7 months to 18 months, and Adult is 18 months on. 

And I found this information here:

There is a lot of information on that site, I recommend visiting.

· As a Bearded Dragon ages, you may notice a lessened desire to eat living food

* This is a relief for some of us who feel guilty about watching wormies & crickets get eaten alive. We also don’t want pet worms & crickets to feed.

The reason they have an alteration in the diet is because …

Well, I don’t know why, but they gradually want more vegetables & fruit. Still, they need that calcium powder with vitamin D3, especially if they receive only a small amount of natural sunlight, and the majority of their 14-18 hrs. of light being from bulbs supplying artificial uva, heat, and uvb. Calcium powder may be sprinkled onto their food (living or not) and fed to their living food as well. What the crickets and worms eat, so to does your lizard.

*If you have a stubborn lizard that chooses to be hand-fed, keep a tiny lid. Sprinkle powder therein, and dunk the food in it before they bite it. Maybe do this every other eating episode.

If you have a ridiculously stubborn lizard who insists on a fruit & veggie smoothie fed to them by a syringe, yeah, they exist, sprinkle powder in the smoothie. Freeze excess, thaw only the portion that they will eat for half a week (ish).

Research veggies & fruit highest in protein, but also research oxalate levels of them in regards to lizards. Spinach, for example is a healthy choice, but the oxalate level is high & will bind with that calcium & aid in the cause of metabolic bone disease.

*What I do, is first, make sure said chicken is cooked thoroughly (no longer pink at all in the center). Next, I let it cool just enough that I can handle it. I prepare only enough to last around 4 days to prevent waste (You could add a piece of tape to the container & write on it the date that you fixed that chicken). I then tear off the amount I am sure the darling will eat, and keep the remainder refrigerated at all times. I then offer juicy fruit incase my Dragon is thirsty. It is always best to keep water as an option, but frankly, lizards often do not focus on still water and may not know it’s there as an option. Luckily, Bearded Dragons, if given a varied diet, receive all the water they need, and soaking them in tepid shallow water for even 5 – 20 minutes helps to hydrate them, as well as gives an opportunity to get an extra drink.

Another bit about a good Dragon diet:

Remember, proteins are the building blocks to muscle tissue. Give to lizards the option to get exercise, safe from predators or getting injured by others. To add protein to an aging Dragon with a mostly vegetarian diet, it has been my experience, they do like chicken baked or slowly cooked on the stovetop with a bit of water & extra virgin olive oil.

Only occasionally, for added protein, you can give unsalted cashew halves or softer nuts. Something that may be offered once a day is simmered chickenin. I prefer the use of cast iron skillets or stainless steel. I don’t trust those non-stick coating chemicals.

· As a Bearded Dragon ages, you may notice he or she is becoming calmer, slower, mostly downright lazy. Don’t worry. If they otherwise seem happy & healthy, know Dragons are typically very docile creatures. Appreciate this with cuddle time in the sun!

Finally, as you & your Dragon age a bit together, you will notice he or she has favorite things to do or places to rest. Never take their favorite things away, it may be a hammock, perch, or blanket. If they love to dangle half their bodies off of something, make sure they get to do this. If they love spa time in shallow, warm water, give to them this pleasure often. They don’t ask for much.

See Murph:

Wait, what, how’d that last one get in there. Oopsy. I didn’t make that meme. Props to the responsible party.

Love your lizards & the lizards of the world!

If you visit, there is a “menu” option to view categories of tips regarding diet, lighting, & more. Also, there lives an option to donate to us. If you wish assistance to donate to a needy facility instead, or would love to save an abused or neglected lizard’s life, please leave a comment. We will help in any way possible.

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renée


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