I renounce my title!!!

“Oh… are you back?”20180402_115210“So you left the country, heh? This is not fine by me!

Saw a lot of other lizards, hmm? Also, this is not fine…

oh..and equatorial sunshine time without me?

– Not cool.”


Have a bit of a story:

I was dubbed “The Lizard Whisperer”

I proclaim I am not such because I can’t figure this crap out! Am I over-pampering? My lizards just decide one day to not be self-sufficient in the realm of self-sustaining! A medley, a feast on different platters even, laid out before them, I might add, finger-shaped into a pyramid for easier biting ability… alas, my efforts to visually entice & my dish preparing times are in vain! My last Love starved all day until I hand-fed her after work. Lil’ Murph here has taken it a step further, I now make him smoothies for the nutrients he requires AND HE WILL ONLY EAT FROM A DROPPER! Apparently food tastes better from my hand. IF ANYONE HAS RESOLVED SUCH AN ISSUE PLEASE 🙂 and PLEASE CONTACT US AT: lizardryordeath@gmail.com or the contact page herein. This is ridiculous!20180425_210911

       Murph was having some potty issues for some time before my departure to a foreign land, he also wasn’t eating well. This made leaving worrisome. However, he was his normal ‘bouncing baby boy’ self. I felt I could somewhat relax (but with guilt) leaving his life in the trusted hands of others. I had 5 sets of eyeballs seeing to his care (some eyeballs saw monetary compensation, some saw my in-coming hugs and deepest appreciation). I dispersed many house keys! These understanding souls had a notebook page (front and back) full of instructions to refer to if needed. I took some folks around the house to show where Murph’s food, purified water, extra blankies, pillows, and, um, shall I say “bibs” (soft cloths he tolerates with which to clean food from his face) are located. I showed them how to have him swim, discussed here:  https://lizardplanet.com/2018/01/10/poo  to encourage a poo & where his bath towels are. I had a “Poo Log” and recorded therein the recent month’s activities for them to  continue so all parties knew what was going on & when/if they needed to be concerned & take action. I also left $ for fresh food.

       I prepared a baby food, oil, calcium powder medley, discussed here: https://lizardplanet.com/2018/03/24/still-waiting   of which his care-takers would administer as per my directions via a syringe. One special someone, um, turns out, gently force-fed (not recommended) thin apple slices and such. All is well, this wonderful soul, whom hand-fed & loved Copper, introduced here: https://lizardplanet.com/2018/02/19/converting-the-masses-to-love-lizards-too  was used to hand-feeding a pampered lizard due to Copper ate solid food, but ONLY if  hand-fed, except for the live food, of which she became dis-interested in later years, choosing the vegetarian path (Yay for me, I hate seeing critters eaten alive & she got protein from crushed unsalted slivers of nuts, some produce and organic-fed, un-spiced chicken cooked in water).

This is how it went down:

Departure day:    So, after sleeping with Murph in my hands (not recommended, my maternal subconscious is highly attuned) and kissing (yep, don’t judge me, he’s cleaner than a cat or dog) him countless times, I laid him in his bed within his enclosure. I positioned his blankie to just over his eyelids, told him I love him and fought tears as I readied myself for the airport. The dog got a kiss too, just one on his nose. I do love the dog.

Home-coming:     Murph is depressed. He is listless. A week away from return I was informed of his sad state. It was said the light was out of his life. After a few days of my waking him with kisses and his acclimating to life with Mommy around again, he began to perk up. We’ve had a lot of outside time together, He’s pooing more frequently!! Dang it about that eating thing, but I will feed him in this un-natural manner the rest of his life if that’s what I must do. Murph is all happy now. I think I am forgiven for taking that sort-of a vacation!20180304_18481920180510_214229.jpg


here is a link to make smoothies for your lizard: https://www.beardeddragon.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=49&t=97107

Murph eats/drinks his smoothie until he’s full 2x daily. They consist of (liquified) roughly 3/4 banana; 5 grapes; handful of kale; splash of purified water; 1/2 an avocado; very small handful of spinach and aragula; small bit of frozen peas and carrots; and a light blanketing of calcium powder – for now because that’s what I’ve had around. I store this in a small container sealed with a lid in the refrigerator. I make fresh about every 4 days. Alongside this is a wee bowl with the dropper wrapped in his afore mentioned “bib” and yep, a baby spoon to stir the smoothie for optimal up-suckage into the dropper. I stated in the past I make up my own words, they make perfect sense!       *note:  Best to not give too much spinach or frozen produce and NEVER citrus.”20180503_125435.jpg

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renee


“Have I Mentioned How Much I Love My Orange Pillow?!”

20180128_Murph smiling“Pillow Life”


20180316_204921.jpg“I often scoot my pillow thusly, for this is one of my favorite positions.”

20171014_194518“My blinds are down, why?”

20171015_151222“Luxury with a view!”

20180127_185011“Bed – check, Mommy person – check, blankie – check, pillow – check! Yep, I’m good here!””


2018-01-13_09-54-01“I’ll come with you Mom, but the pillow’s coming too!”




“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!”  – Dawn Renee ♥

A reblog for a sweet girl who loves her rat

This is a reblog on lizardplanet.com – We need to love cute rats too folks!

Please, help me make my baby sister happy 🙂


Write to be Free

This is my baby sisters rat, Lightning. {My Mom is holding him}

Now I know everyone has their own blog that they are trying to get public and this is going to sound like I am trying to get my blog on the top. But what I’m really doing is trying to make my baby sister happy 🙂

She’s been going through a rough time. And she saw my post about our other sisters lizard and my snake. So when she got out one of her pet rats today. She looked at me and said “I want Lightning to be famous!! Can you make him famous? Please!!!” I couldn’t resist and said I would try 🙂

So if you guys would, I am asking you to like this post, share it and show it to your friends 🙂

I don’t want to be famous. But this rat is one of…

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