“I Don’t Speak Dog.”

20190129_100828.jpgLil’ Murph reveals his opinion about his brother-type coinhabitant…


190101_113723_4“WHAT is this thing?!!”


20180722_152453.jpg“Hmmm… so we both get liberty… with restrictions. This is not ideal. Mommy said she will protect me & Dog from the bad people and dangerous animals outside. Okay Mom, don’t I have a better chance at safety if I am untethered?! Won’t you reconsider this arrangement?”


20190129_085854“When we approach our back yard after walks, Dog-thing picks up the pace to go do this! What a dweeb! I recognize my yard too, and begin heading the other direction. Any direction but homeward will do. Mommy is pulled in two different directions. I need more adventure!!!”


20190102_015453                                       “What the…? And why does it sleep so much?”


resized952019010695074856-e1549977231888.jpg“Apparently, Mommy doesn’t like fur everywhere. What is this fur you gripe of, Mom? Dog, you know you’re not on your designated sheet. I do not approve of your contact with our blanket.”


“Now this creature I can relate to!!!”




20190114_202528.jpg“So, Dog is alright. We tolerate one another. I with my smoothie on my lippies, he with his stare, Mommy and I know It will begin the heavy breathing ritual if she does not pet him or serve him somehow within seconds. He should be called Panic, but I accept It as a brother-thing.”   “….Dog, you’re not on your designated sheet!”




“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renee♥

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